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Our 10 dashing dolphins delight and touch the hearts of uShaka Sea World guests every day with their unique personalities and irresistible charm. The dolphins and their trainers look forward to having you join them at a show soon.

Gambit is believed to be the largest bottlenose dolphin in any oceanarium in the world. His average weight is around 490kg and he is 3.65m long. He is father to 7 of the 9 dolphins born at uShaka Sea World and grandfather to 1. He is a true ocean ambassador and has, since 1976, helped us share a message of conservation in a way no human could. He has an energy and presence that is remarkable.

Gambit's favourite game is without a doubt playing with his Frisbee. His favourite Frisbee – he has more than one – is pink and just big enough to be able to grasp. He leaps out the water to catch the Frisbee and then brings it back to the trainer on the side of the pool in anticipation of another bout of toss and retrieve.
Frodo is the only Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin at uShaka Sea World and is a proud mother of 6 of the babies born at uShaka Sea World and grandmother to 1. She is the best mother any baby dolphin could wish for, as she always keeps a watchful eye while allowing her calf to explore, learn and gain their confidence. She is easily recognized by the freckles on her tummy. These develop on the Indian Ocean Bottlenose dolphins as they get older.


Khethiwe is the youngest dolphin at uShaka Sea World. She was born on the 25th of November 2008. She is learning very quickly and loves to play. Her favourite activity at the moment is to stick her tongue out at people who walk past and her favourite toy is a blue and white basket ball.


Kelpie was the first dolphin born at Sea World. He is well known for mimicking one of our safety alarms. Kelpie is a very good time keeper; he always lets the trainers know that it is training time by singing to them.


Kwezi is a very excitable dolphin. He loves to get things right in training and loves to show off. He is very gentle with the trainers yet is sure to demonstrate his dominance by breaching when interacting with the male group.


Ingelosi is the youngest male at uShaka Sea World. He has a gentle and very trusting nature and lives with 3 older males. He often gets up to mischief with his older brother Khwezi. He is known to enthusiastically swim off to show the trainers something his brothers have taught him and has been seen practising new behaviours even when he is not in sessions.


Tombi is the oldest in the female group. She is a perfectionist and a very creative dolphin. She likes to put an extra effort into her training sessions.


Khanya is a granddaughter at uShaka Sea World as her mother and father were both born at uShaka Sea World. Khanya loves her solo attention and is always interested in what the trainers are doing, even when they are scrubbing the pools or eating their lunch. There is only a 2 month age gap between Tombi and Khanya and they are almost inseparable as they grew up learning together.


Affrika is the only pure bred female Atlantic Ocean Bottle nosed dolphin with a very dark stripe down her back. She loves her toys and doesn't like to share them.


Zulu is a very energetic dolphin and her enthusiasm never fades. She is the youngest in the female group and gets along with everyone. She loves to learn and is very quick to pick up new things, which keeps the trainers on their toes.