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March Food Voyage at Cargo Hold

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March is Mexican fiesta time at Cargo Hold

Cargo Hold will be docking at San Puerto Vallartta this March, a city once named as La ciudad más amigable del mundo (The Friendliest City in the World), and is actually known to be an important culinary destination in itself.

With a mix of international chefs, discerning gourmands that have made the city their home town, a long running gourmet festival, the local Mexican food traditions that are centuries old, plus quality ingredients from sea and land combined to create great food, will find its way to the gorgeous "under the Indian Ocean" restaurant setting, that Cargo Hold is so well-known for.

A selection of appetizing Entradas (starters):
~ Puerto Vallatta Oysters - Served on rock salt and a chili salsa.
~ Fiesta Chicken Wings - 5 Chicken winglets floured and fried, accompanied by sweet chili mayo dipping.
~ Garbanzo Chicken Broth - Garbanzo, rice, chicken, cilantro and onion);
~ San Puerto Grilled Calamari - Pan fried calamari, sea salt, sweet piquant, complimented by a blend of chili, lemon juice and crème fraiche.
~ Jalisco Salad - Salad accompanied with mixed vegetables and an exquisite secret vinaigrette dressing. [Vegetarian option].

Mouthwatering Platos Principales (main courses) for us Gringos, includes:
~ Bahia Des Banderas Filete of Beef - Seared Fillet of Beef, 2 prawns, creamed potato, spinach, chili sauce);
~ Islas Marietas Kassler Steak - Kassler steaks, grilled with chili and lime, served with Mexican potatoes, refried beans, crema and tomatillo salsa verde);
~ El Carboncito Chicken - Grilled chicken supreme, served with Mexican potatoes, roasted tomato salsa, crema and a side salad);
~ La Guera Beans - Black beans with spicy aubergine, coriander cauliflower rice, pumpkin seeds, fresh avocado and fire-roasted tomato salsa) or
~ Veracruzana Line Fish - Line fish with capers, sautéed onions, green olives, served with two soft tacos with a crunchy Mexican slaw, spicy crema and guacamole.

To end off this deliciously spicy Mexican summer menu, desserts to savour are:
~ Yelapa Churros - Mexican doughnuts, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, served with a chocolate dipping sauce.
~ Punta Mita Sorbets - Passionfruit, coconut, and orange sorbet.
~ Play Las Caletas Ice Cream - Vanilla bean ice cream served with shavings of dark chocolate and peanut brittle.
~ Quimixto Taquitos - Mexican crepes filled with chili, lime and white chocolate cream cheese, served with spicy lime syrup.

So be sure to book your berth on this Mexican journey, throw on your sombrero and experience awesome Atlantic flavours by calling Cargo Hold on 031 328 8065/8066 or visit the Cargo Hold Page.