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April Food Voyage at Cargo Hold

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Cargo Hold Cruises To Panama City

Cargo Hold sets cruise this April to the City of Panama - world famous for its canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Panama translates to an abundance of fish and the most southern country in Central America, bordering on Costa Rica on its north and Colombia on its south.

Panama is a hidden gem when it comes to cuisine, boasting delicious food made with fresh local ingredients and flavours which are the cornerstone of the country’s food offering. The food, like its people, is very diverse with its healthy mix of Latinos, afro-Antilleans, Asians and original people of the area. With this said, each group has brought their own blend of spices, recipes, ingredients and cooking methods.

Along the coasts, the diet consists of mainly coconut, seafood, root vegetables, and tropical fruits. The interior communities of Panama enjoy mainly root vegetables, starchy fruits, livestock (cows and pigs), chicken, beans and rice.

So now that we have a little insight into the destination, it’s time to highlight the monthly menu experience saluting Panama at Cargo Hold.

Starting off with a selection of Entradas (starters):
~ Alitas, Deditos de Pollo - Chicken wings and chicken fingers served with barbeque sauce.
~ Sopa de Marisco - Seafood soup garnished with a variety of fresh seafood.
~ El Chorrilo Calamares - Pan fried calamari, cucumber-yoghurt served with a rice salad.
~ Enselada de Vegetales - Salad accompanied with tossed vegetables and a Panamanian dressing.

Next up, are the Platos Principales (mains), featuring a variety of options:
~ Filete de Mignon - Seared fillet of beef topped with bacon and cheese served with a mushroom sauce.
~ Cerdo Panameno - Kassler steaks sautéed with red onions, bell peppers, mashed potatoes creamy mustard sauce.
~ Pechuga de Pollo - Grilled chicken breast, spicy rice complimented by a caper cream sauce.
~ Paella Vegetarian - Spinach, celery, carrots with tomato and peppers, simmered in saffron rice.
~ Peces de Linea En Salsa de Camarones - Line fish with a shrimp sauce.

To end off the island style experience, Postres (dessert) includes:
~ Sundae de Chocolate con Malva - Vanilla ice cream topped with marshmallows and chocolate sauce.
~ Arroz con Leche - Rice pudding with cinnamon flavoured custard and vanilla bean ice cream.
~ Trio des Sorbetes - Mango, coconut, and orange sorbet.
~ Tarta de Quesco con Fresas - Strawberry cheesecake with berry sauce and vanilla ice cream.

If you have, be sure to wear your traditional brimmed Panama straw hat for the occasion. To book, call Cargo Hold on 031 328 8065/8066 or visit the Cargo Hold Page.