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News: Annual Outreach Marine Competition

uShaka: Annual Outreach Marine Competition

Annual Outreach Marine Competition 2018 Helps Turn the Tide

The uShaka Sea World Education centre was awash with plenty of excitement on Thursday (25 October 2018) as grade seven learners from 17 schools competed for the coveted 2018 Marine Outreach Drama and Poetry Trophies.

The uShaka Sea World Education Outreach Team has been working with schools across the eThekwini Municipality and uThukela and uMnambithi Districts for the past nine months.

Throughout the year, outreach staff were on hand to provide interactive marine based lessons to learners both at their schools and on site at uShaka Marine World. These lessons helped inspire youngsters to find out more about the ocean and its inhabitants and to look at how their actions impacted the ocean. This year’s theme “my promise to the sea” focused on how, by doing the right thing and making the right choices, everyone can make a positive difference to the marine ecosystem.

Most of the learners’ research is undertaken under the guidance of their teachers and principals who often dedicate a lot of their time after school and over weekends to help out. As a result, teachers workshops were also conducted to help these dedicated educators to direct and assist learners as they prepared for the competition.

After a memorable morning spent watching and listening to learners’ poems and plays about making positive environmental choices, the judges had the unenviable task of selecting the 2018 winners.

First place in the poetry category went to Elangabini Primary from Hammersdale while Phumuzulu Primary took first prize in the drama category.

“I am very proud of our learners as they showed a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the ocean and told their story so creatively. They had a lot of fun rehearsing and, this year, it was easy for the teachers to simply guide and polish the learners’ script,” said Miss ZF Gwala, one of their beaming teachers.

uShaka Marine World CEO, Dr Stella Khumalo, whose career has been closely involved with education, was also impressed. “Education is very close to my heart. This years’ poems and plays, which focused on making positive environmental choices reflected the enormous amount of work put in by both learners and their teachers. While I would like to congratulate our winners, I would also like to commend everyone who participated. It has been an honour for us to work with tomorrow’s scientists, beach goers and citizens. Most importantly of all, everyone who participated realized that they can turn the tide and help us all to conserve and enjoy the our precious marine resources into the future.”