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uShaka Marine World Pushes Back the Tide

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uShaka Marine World has launched its first range of fun and trendy conservation clothing aimed at celebrating the wonders of the ocean and supporting marine conservation.

Created by designers, including KwaZulu-Natal artists Wesley van Eeden, and Mxo Sithole, the Sea Life range sports a leather uShaka conservation label – "uShaka pushing back the tide" – and designs that depict the blue whale, loggerhead turtle, African penguin, spotted eagle-ray, spotted ragged-tooth shark and Cape fur seal.

The range includes men's, ladies' and children's T-shirts, caps and backpacks, and 'youth design' T-shirts as well as stationery and eco bags made from recyclable material.

The range serves to highlight the extensive conservation work performed at uShaka by SAAMBR (South African Aquatic Marine Biological Research) that operates Sea World and tends to stranded dolphins, seals, turtles and penguins along the coast line; ORI(Oceanographic Research Institute) which conducts research covering the Indian Ocean through a team of 30 scientists and the NPC Education Centre that conducts on site conservation education for over 100 000 children and at over 100 schools in KZN.

The full range is available exclusively from uShaka Trading Stores at uShaka. For further information contact Shereen Baroochi (031 328 8117).