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New Year's Eve Function at uShaka Marine World

Joint statement from South African Association for Marine Biological Research, Ushaka Marine World and the Event Organiser:

New Year's Eve Function at uShaka Marine World

A New Year's Eve function will be held in the uShaka Marine World complex. As with any function held at uShaka Marine World the health of the animals is our primary priority. We will never allow any function to be held that may, in any way, be harmful to the animals. As has been done on previous occasions, the sound levels will be monitored throughout the evening, by a senior uShaka Sea World staff member. The speakers will be positioned indoors to ensure minimum sound spill over and the function at Upperdeck restaurant will end before 1 am. The main event will be held outside of the uShaka Sea World premises, at Moyos Restaurant. There will be no fireworks, as these are not allowed in the Park under any circumstances. As we do with all functions, the animals will be monitored throughout the evening.

uShaka Sea World, a division of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research, takes its responsibility to the animals exceptionally seriously, and the health and welfare of the animals is always our top priority. The concern of the public for the health of our animals is much appreciated. In fact we all share a concern about the future of our planet, including the health of the many animal species facing extinction in the wild.

Judy Mann
Chief Executive Officer
South African Association for Marine Biological Research

uShaka Marine World has been careful to only deal with the best event organisers in South Africa. We have successfully hosted similar events in the past with no effect on the wellbeing of our animals. It has been discussed with the event organisers that all dancefloors hosted on the property will be indoors and therefore sound will kept contained. Moyos restaurant will be the main dancefloor arena, a safe distance away from any of our animals. All measures will be taken on the night of the event to ensure no harm will come to our animals and full security will be in full force to ensure a safe and wonderful evening for all those in attendance.

Shawn Thomson
Chief Executive Officer
uShaka Marine World

The organisers of the event are passionate animal lovers and would never consider harming any creature. All loud music will be contained inside the ship, and very little noise will escape. A senior Sea World expert will be monitoring the animals throughout the night. Should any noise escape the ship and agitate the dolphins, the music will be immediately turned down. We will not tolerate any harm to any animals, and extensive measures have been implemented to ensure this.

Martin McHale
Event Organiser