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Load Shedding Fun at uShaka

20 Fun Things to do During Load Shedding

When Eskom pulls the plug on fun at home, we’ve got you covered!

Head on down to the place of #UnlimitedFun and join in on the 20 fun activities that keep going even when the rest of the city is down and out:

  1. Enjoy a delicious meal – we’ve got at least 15 different eateries with many cooking on gas or powered up by generators. 
  2. Drink an ice cold cocktail looking out over the beautiful Indian Ocean.
  3. Enjoy our free Wi-Fi – now that’s something!
  4. Plug into a penguin presentation – there’s plenty to learn about the many African Penguins that call us home.
  5. Leap with the dolphins – Share the energy of the beautiful mammals that put on our breathtaking dolphin show daily at the Sea World Dolphin Stadium.
  6. Catch the Ocean Buddies mascots show at uShaka Kids World between Wednesday & Sunday.
  7. Tackle Africa’s largest jungle gym at uShaka Kids World – littlies can work off plenty of energy with loads of Edutainment and enjoy a jam-packed day full of activities and interactive areas between Wednesday & Sunday.
  8. Shock yourself at Dangerous Creatures – This 450 square-meter Dangerous Creatures exhibit has been billed as one of the best in the world! Reptile enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies can peek at some of the creepiest creatures on show. 
  9. Visit the 7th largest aquarium in the world – an underwater world of fantastic marine creatures. It will look much like the “After Dark” experience during the day as we rely on natural lighting to light up the exhibits. 
  10. Swing high – uShaka’s Rope Adventure course will thrill you with a series of rope bridges, obstacle courses, climbing nets, zip lines and crossings between Wednesday & Sunday.
  11. Relax with a Spa Treatment – no electricity needed for this much-deserved pampering!
  12. Shop till you drop – uShaka’s Village Walk is a shoppers’ paradise in the open air. Enjoy a plethora of speciality stores – and even feast on some homemade fudge!
  13. Get a Tattoo – take time out to get inked by some of the best in the industry
  14. Build a mascot – Create your own uShaka Mascot at our Ocean Buddies store located in the Village Walk. Build it, dress it, give it a voice and lots of love.
  15. Take the Ocean Express – Hop aboard the Ocean Express, our newest attraction – a mini train that comes with all the romance and enchantment of a bright and fun miniature railroad.
  16. Feed the fish – Walk in water only waist deep and be surrounded by Spotted eagle rays as you feed them by hand.
  17. Dive with the sharks – our shark cage experience provides plenty of thrills. Some sharks circle the cage whilst others glide slowly past…
  18. Snorkel with friends – Get up close and personal with some of the most exciting creatures found off the KZN coastline as you explore the nooks and crannies of the Snorkel Lagoon.
  19. Hire some dive equipment, a surfboard or paddle ski and head for the surf – the waves are still pumping even when the lights are out.
  20. Checkmate – do some mental aerobics as you tackle an opponent on our life-size chess board in Village Walk near Wimpy.