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Arbor Month at uShaka Marine World

Enter Your School & WIN!

Calling all schools to plant, post & WIN!

Every year, South Africa commemorates Arbor Week during the first week in September, however we’re extending this important celebration for 2 months!

This year’s campaign will be held under the theme: “Forests and Sustainable Cities” and, as it’s also heritage month, we are encouraging everyone to plant indigenous trees and plants, which form part of our heritage. Schools in particular, are encouraged to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management – with the added advantage of providing learners with loads of shade during break time during those hot summer days.

So, teachers take note, we’re is hosting a competition on our social media platforms.

How To Enter

Schools are encouraged to plant a tree(s), post it on the following social platforms & tag us:

Twitter: @uShakaMarine
Facebook: @uShakaFanPage
Instagram: @ushakamarineworld

Have a look at our tips & tricks further down, on which tree, why & how to look after it!

What Can You Win

One lucky class will win a snorkel experience for 30 learners & 2 teachers!

So, get out there and start digging! Plant plenty of trees that will benefit your fellow learners for years to come – and then look forward to being chosen as the ones that get to cool off at Sea Animal Encounters Island in our awesome snorkel lagoon.

Our 6 Tips

1. How to plant a tree
It depends on the type (species) of tree you are planting! Like humans, trees are unique and have their preferences to enable ideal growth. Several factors influence how happy a tree will be – rainfall, sun/shade, climate, soil conditions, planting season etc. Your best bet is to seek the advice of your local plant nursery. They will guide you in selecting a suitable tree for your area. How deep to plant the tree? What fertiliser to use, if at all? How often should I water? When can I expect flowers/fruit? These are all questions your local nursery staff can answer.

2. The best trees to plant & why
Local is lekker – plant indigenous (native) trees! Indigenous trees are suited to the local environment. This means they are low maintenance and water-wise. In a water scarce country like South Africa, we must use our limited water resources carefully. Indigenous trees attract indigenous wildlife like bees, birds and butterflies. You can create a beautiful home for so many little critters – surround yourself with nature!

3. Where they can actually be planted
Every area becomes more beautiful and benefits from planting trees. If planting trees at schools/workplaces, please obtain permission from the relevant people.

4. What is the tree of the year?
There are 2 Trees of the Year for 2019 – one common and one uncommon (rare) tree. The common Tree of the Year is the Marula Tree (Sclerocarya birrea). The uncommon tree of the year is the Apple-Leaf Tree (Philenoptera violacea) – this tree is protected in South Africa.

5. How to maintain a tree?
Again, it depends on the tree. Some trees, when younger, may require a little more attention. Generally, indigenous trees are low maintenance – they do not require the addition of fertilisers, pesticides or watering as they are suited to the natural environmental conditions. The trick here, is to choose your tree carefully!

6. Why do we need trees?
To exist. Trees are the lungs of the planet – they provide the oxygen we breathe while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is detrimental to the planet i.e. global warming). Trees are homes for all forms of wildlife – from the tiniest insect to the most magnificent animals. Trees bear fruit that sustain us, beauty that captivates us and medicine that heals us.

Please note the T&Cs:
> Competition closes on Thursday, October 31st

> Snorkel only valid for use on a Monday or a Tuesday during off peak season (non-school holidays)
> The booking will not be allowed on a public holiday that falls on a Monday/Tuesday
> Bookings are essential via the digital officer – 031 328 8003
> The winning school must agree to be featured on our social platforms and print media, if applicable
> All students and teachers are required to sign an indemnity form in order to use photos and videos of snorkel on online platforms etc
> The maximum number from a class that will be allowed the prize is 30 pupils and 2 teachers
> The class needs to come as a group with 2 teachers
> The prize must be redeemed by the 29th of November 2019