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Brindle Bass Has Arrived

On the IUCN’s specially protected list, and known as Bumble Bee Groupers when they are young; the “fabulous five” Brindle Bass siblings have been undergoing medical care & quarantine to rid them of any ocean diseases or bacteria before being introduced into the exhibit.

They have also been learning how to interact with other fish for food – an essential ability for any fish being introduced into an exhibit where competition for food is the order of the day.

Brindle Bass, growing up to 200kg’s, are ambush predators who lie and wait for a tasty meal to swim past. Once they have selected their meal, they open their large mouths and swallow their lunch whole! Which is why they’re hanging out with other big and impressive Sea World fishes.

Visitors standing between the Reef Predator Exhibit and the Large Shark Exhibit acquire a first-hand impression of how big our young Brindle Bass will become, when compared to longstanding residents Deon and Stanley, both adult Brindle Bass.

Due to the severe exploitation and sensitive biology of the Brindle Bass, it is a fully protected fish in South Africa and cannot be caught, bought or sold – only looked after and loved.