Corona Virus FAQs - 20 March - uShaka Marine World
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uShaka Marine World Corona Virus Communication

Corona Virus FAQs – 20 March

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it affects the uShaka Marine World Theme Park. Please see the list of FAQ’s (Freaquenly Asked Questions) below:

1.What measures are in place at uShaka Marine World to manage COVID-19?

  • We have closed all high-risk areas as follows:
  • Bolstering of hygiene measures to ensure health and safety of both our staff and guests, throughout the Village Walk and the Park
  • Continuing to monitor the situation, working closely with the city and the province
  • Have put measures in place to ensure that there is no gathering of more than 100 people in the different sections of the park
  • There will be more heightened cleaning across Village Walk and the open parts of the Park; and hand sanitizers will be installed at strategic points around the park, including: 
      • Arena 1,  Arena 5,  Parking B and the inside of the Park
      • Staff entrances
      • Boom Gates at parking A
      • Static sanitizer stations throughout the park
      • Guest information kiosks
      • Also introducing Roaming Hygiene Assistants

2. Which uShaka offerings are available during this time?

3. Which offerings are not available during this time?

4. What additional measures are in place to ensure that the restaurants/eating areas are safe?

  • Hand sanitizers to be placed and used at all store entrances and till points/counters, as well as in back up areas throughout your operation.
  • Implement a 30 minute hand wash rule in your operations, whereby all staff members must be reminded and expected to wash hands for 20 seconds every 30 minutes and / or use hand sanitizer
  • Surface cleaning and sanitization, e.g. Countertops, with alcohol-based wipes or solution is paramount and required on a continuous basis
  • Sanitization of any customer touchpoints, e.g. Card machines, Door handles, must be wiped down after each use with alcohol-based wipes or solution
  • Staff health screening to be put in place with immediate effect
  • Should a situation arise where a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, please advise Centre Management (Sharmaine Ramsahai – 082 797 5570) immediately
  • To observe the social and physical distancing concern; at least a 1.5m distance is recommended for all interactions. Reduce and rearrange the seating in restaurants to conform to social distancing principles
  • Outside suppliers, reps and merchandisers to be screened and hand sanitized upon entering premises
  • Any fingerprint clock-in units to be wiped in between each clock-in
  • There is an ongoing responsibility on all management and staff to behave responsibly and appropriately and to manage, implement and enforce that behaviour with staff and customers. 
  • Any staff not complying should be subject to disciplinary action. Any customers not complying should be asked to leave the premises.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at each and every table
  • Menus and bill folders to be wiped down after every use. Alternatives to menus should also be considered, e.g. Disposable menus or menu boards
  • Consider signing up with Mr. Delivery if not already in place to offer home deliveries

5. What are you doing to keep your visitors and staff healthy?

  • The safety of our staff, visitors and animals are, and always will be, our highest priority.
  •  A special Crisis Task team has been established to remain up to date with the situation as it changes.  
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning in areas such as toilets and other indoor public spaces, as well as access points such as doors. 
  • In accordance with Government recommendations, we encourage people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water. Soap is provided in all the bathrooms. 
  • We will not have dolphin, seal and penguin presentations; however, you are welcome to view our penguines, seals and dolphins during the day.

6. Will you stay open in future?
The intention is not to have uShaka Marine World closed on a permanent basis. We recognize the seriousness of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. To date, uShaka Marine World has scaled down its offerings, but this may change depending on the national and local situation.

7. I have booked a ticket to visit or for an activity – can I have a refund?
For tickets purchased online, please apply for a refund online here

8. Can I do a Meet and Dolphin or a Ray Feed?
We have made the decision to cancel these encounters until the park resumes normal operations.

9. Can I still do Animal Encounters such as Snorkel, Ocean Walker or Shark Cage Dive?
Yes, however, note that there will be stringent health and safety measures to comply with.

10. Can your animals catch the virus?
COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus and global experts currently don’t know everything about it in humans, let alone animals. Right now there is no evidence that coronavirus is transmissible from humans to animals or vice versa.

11. If uShaka Marine World closes during this time, how will your staff take care of the animals?
Staff taking care of the animals and maintaining other critical systems will come to work but will be extra careful with hand-washing and physical distancing.