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Dangerous Creatures

From Fear to Fascination with Dangerous Creatures! Dangerous Creatures is an adventure reptile enthusiasts won’t want to miss! Find it in the Village Walk at uShaka Marine World.

NOTE: Dangerous Creatures is open all year round.

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Meet Freddy the Friendly Iguana

Freddy, our well-loved Green Iguana is about 15 years old. On most days Freddy can be seen wandering around the outside of the Dangerous Creatures exhibit, meeting visitors and enjoying the sunshine. Freddy also enjoys walking around the inside of the exhibit, seems to enjoy the attention and closes his eyes when stroked. His favourite food is strawberries.

Anaconda Photo Opportunity

Get your photo taken with a more than life size giant anaconda at Dangerous Creatures. Take this amazing opportunity to have yourself pictured with the largest snake in the world.

Spiders, Frogs, Lizards, Snakes…

The “creeps” continue with Dart Frogs, Tarantulas, Bearded Lizards, which never let go once they bite down, a False Water Cobra, Giant Bull Frogs, Tree Vipers & more.