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Goodbye to Close Friends

Which fish has the name of a vegetable?

The Potato Bass, of course!

Last week, three of our large Potato Bass were returned to the warm waters of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a natural World Heritage Site, after spending several years in the Reef Predator Exhibit at Sea World.

Although they were firm favourites with aquarium guests, it was time for them to leave their home at uShaka as they were beginning to out-grow their exhibit.

Also, they may or may not have been showing a little too much interest in some of their smaller fish friends.

Prior to their release, they were each tagged with an acoustic tag as well as a yellow Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI) spaghetti tag. The potato bass were tagged in September and then monitored in quarantine for a period of five days before they were given their medical clearance and driven to Sodwana Bay for release on the offshore reefs.

The bass will find the Wetlands Park familiar and comfortable, as it made for their first home before uShaka