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Hire Our Ocean Warriors

Hire our Heroes and celebrate with our Ocean Warriors. Leave every face with a smile! Invite Phila the Penguin, Siva the Seal, Raggy the Shark and Delia the Dolphin to entertain at your event. For more info, please fill out the booking enquiry form below.


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Booking Enquiry Form

In light of the President’s announcement made on Monday 28 December 2020, and the revised restrictions to combat the surging rate of COVID-19 infections, please note that Ocean Warrior Hire, has been cancelled until further notice. Learn more here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.






Bookings – Closed until further notice
  • The booking must include 3 minders at all times for all appearances. 
  • A deposit of 50% is required to secure the booking. This can be paid via EFT on the banking details provided with your quotation. 
  • All bookings must be made no later than 1 week prior to the event. 
  • No booking is confirmed until the following is received:
    • a signed booking form 
    • a signed proforma invoice 
    • proof of payment for the 50% booking fee
  • The balance of the 50% booking fee must be paid no later than 24hrs after the performance
  • In the event of bad weather i.e. rain/ hail/ storm, the booking will be cancelled. 
  • The booking shall only stand if the event and changing areas are all enclosed and there is no risk of damage to the costumes as well Health & Safety risk to the staff wearing these costumes. 


  • Costumes cannot be hired without the staff. This is for the preservation of the brand and characters.
  • The Ocean Warriors are only hired as a group and are not available to be booked individually/ separated. This is for the preservation of the uShaka Ocean Warriors brand. 
  • A 3m x 6m (minimum) and covered up changing area must be provided by the person who makes the booking. This applies to all bookings and is a non-negotiable part of the terms and conditions.
  • The Ocean Warriors shall not under any circumstance change in public bathrooms/toilets. A suitable space must be provided. 
  • The Ocean Warriors costumes shall not be near water i.e. pushed into a pool, sprinkled with water etc. Any water damage shall be charged directly to the client.
  • It is the shared responsibility of 3 minders and the client responsible for the booking of the Ocean Warriors, to ensure the safety around the Ocean Warriors i.e. keeping a safe distance from children and avoid rough handling of the mascots.
  • On arrival, the client and Ocean Warriors onsite supervisor shall meet for a briefing before the Ocean Warriors begin the appearance of the event/party.


Each Ocean Warriors’ appearance:
  • Is no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Includes 1 show and 1 photo opportunity.
  • Is followed by a 30 minute resting period.
  • For example, if the Ocean Warriors are booked from 12-3pm (3 hours), the appearance would be structured as follows:
Time Activity Duration
11h00 Arrival and Briefing 45min
11h45 Mascots change 15min
12h00 Appearance 1 including photo opportunity 15 min
12h15 Rest period 30 min
12h45 Mascots change 15 min
13h00 Appearance 2 including photo opportunity 15min
13h15 Rest period 30mins
13h15 - 13h45 Lunch 30mins
13h45 Mascots change 15min
14h00 Appearance 3 including photo opportunity 15 minutes
14h15 Rest period 45 minutes
14h45 Prepare to leave premises -
15h00 Vacate premises -