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Sea world News and friends

uShaka Sea World is hosting two annual Marine Ecology CoursesTake part in the Marine Ecology Course at uShaka, where you’ll discover our Oceanography module, covering underwater geology and beach dynamics as well as a Biodiversity module, uncovering South Africa’s marine biodiversity threats.

Pictured above: uShaka Marine World’s animal behaviourist, Kelly de Klerk with Chino.uShaka Sea World’S Extreme SurvivorPenguins are notoriously clumsy on land, as they waddle along upright with their flippers held away from their bodies. Chino, the latest penguin resident to join the uShaka Sea World African Penguin (Spheniscusdemersus) colony, not only waddles but waddles with a little limp.

uShaka’s Sea World team had the pleasure of seeing an extremely rare visitor to South Africa and releasing it back to the ocean.The rare visitor, a Tropical Shearwater, was released 15 nautical miles off Durban’s coast by uShaka Sea World’s veterinarian, Dr Francois Lampen. According to ornithologist Dr Dave Allen, Curator Birds at Durban’s Natural Science Museum, the bird has only been spotted twice before in South Africa!

International Turtle Day is celebrated throughout the world on the 23 May each year in a variety of ways to bring attention to turtles.Senior Aquarist at uShaka Sea World Malini Pather, seen above with Ula, the female Loggerhead Turtle who has spent the past two years in our rehabilitation centre, is on her way to recovery from her trauma out at sea.